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Air Bonsai - theprimelabel
Air Bonsai - theprimelabel
Air Bonsai - theprimelabel
Air Bonsai - theprimelabel
Air Bonsai - theprimelabel
Air Bonsai - theprimelabel
Air Bonsai - theprimelabel

Air Bonsai

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The Air Bonsai discharges a small number of negative ions into the air, and when placed strategically, can help in a verity of areas.

1.    Minimize allergic symptoms- the negative ions clear the air of air born allergens that might affect you in through different seasons. 


2.    Improve sleep- negative ions have positive effects in normalizing the production of serotonin in the brain, which helps you sleep.


3.    Increase your sense of wellbeing and mental clarity- by combating the negative effects of the positive ions in your environment, these negative ions are also called "natural anti-depressants".


4.    Relaxing- negative ions are reported to have positive relaxing effects and help normalize your breathing rate. Of course, with the Air Bonsai, it's visually serene, calming rotation helps too. 

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With the power of magnets to make your plants spin and float weightlessly, just like a floating bonsai tree! Air Bonsai is the perfect contemporary decor that will allow you to cultivate your favorite plants in mid-air. With the ability to rotate continuously at 360 degrees, your plants will be able to be adequately nourished and become straighter, stronger and healthier.

More Details

- Magnetic Levitation: The use of magnetic levitation allows the plant to float in the air and automatically rotate 360° if desired when the power is turned on.
- It comes with LED lights: Lights on the pedestal that can be turned on in the dark.
- Easy to Use: Simple to install, water and maintain. Just plug it in and voila!
- Relaxing atmosphere: It looks very calming and helps create a light atmosphere inside your home or any space. It is designed to help ease anxiety, stabilize emotions, and make people feel more comfortable.
- Mix & Match: Perfect for small indoor bonsai or other small plants. Put any plant to impress your guests and match your space.
- Adding Greenery: An additional greenery to your home or space will increase relaxation and help reduce radiation. This is perfect for the digital age we live in! 

Package Includes: Base x Plant Pot x Power Adapter.

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